Our Jousting Horses


Diego was born in 2004, Diego, a horse of many colours, was purchased from a private owner in 2007, and quickly earned his spot as one of the top jousting horses within Western Canada with his speed, power and a true love of the joust. Diego has his days of pure fearlessness, but as with all neurotics, can also have the occasional days of scaredy-pants-itis, making it a true adventure at every joust as no-one knows which Diego will show for any given event – Diego included. Diego is a fan favourite, and in spite of any “quirks” is the go to horse for Radar.  In fact it has been said that if she could only own one jousting horse, Diego would be it.  Luckily for all the other horses, Radar will never own one of anything… Diego made his TV debut in 2015 on Heartland, Season 9, Episode 7.

Diego on Heartland set

Rowan was born in 2005, Rowan, a Percheron Quarter horse cross CHAMPION JOUSTING HORSE, was purchased from Birds Hill Park Ranch (trail rides) in Winnipeg, where she worked as a trail horse WAITED TO BE DISCOVERED. A natural jousting horse CHAMPION JOUSTING HORSE, Rowan has also been the medic horse for the Calgary Hunt Club TOLERATED OTHER “EVENTS” WHILST WAITING FOR JOUSTING SEASON TO START. She is a fearless competitor, with signature moves guaranteed to make her rise above the crowd.  TAKE THAT DIEGO. It became apparent in 2015 that not only can she be the star of a hit TV show (playing STARRING AS “Abby” on Heartland Season 9, Episode 7), TAKE THAT WILLOW, she also excels at training actors TAKE THAT PETE, and appears to have the ability to type… TAKE THAT CALYPSO, P.S. GET YOUR OWN LOOK!!

Rowan getting ready for her close-up
Jason and Rowan
Rowan on set

Calypso was born in 2008, Calypso is the daughter of Juliet and was sired by champion Percheron jousting horse Deathstar, owned by Greg Boxma, Stettler, Alberta, which for those of you doing the math makes her 50% Percheron, 25% Belgium, 25 % quarter horse and 110% attitude!  Calypso is the only jousting horse to have been born at STALC, and she has been competing since 2014. Calypso is a rising star, solid and unflappable, she has the world in front of her.  She has quickly become one of the go to jousting horses and is definitely one to watch for at future events.  In 2015, she made her TV debut on Heartland Season 9, Episode 7.

Peter Horne

Peter Horne who is also known as Peter the Great is the only horse at STALC with a surname.  Peter came from the Horne family who farm East of Olds.  Peter was born in 1996 and was purchased by STALC in 2011.  Prior to his jousting career, Peter had a successful career as a ranch horse. Peter is the kind of horse that every rider should have.  With his strong work ethic and unwavering desire to please his rider, Peter quickly overcame his initial surprise of the nature of his new job when he was taken to the Calgary Stampede Parade in 2011 – after that jousting seemed to make a lot more sense for this quiet country boy. Peter starred in The Alan Nursell Experience program that aired on The Discovery Channel in 2015 as well as in Heartland Season 9 Episode 7.


Druid was lovingly rescued by Dale Gienow. Druid had a storied career in Eastern Canada before heading West with Dale in 2014. Due to his size and colouring, Druid is definitely a guy that stands out in the crowd.  While he may appear docile and a 70’s child when out in the field, he is strictly all business in the list and has the distinction of coming in 1st and 2nd place at Brooks Medieval Faire in 2015.


Willow was born in 2003. Willow, a flashy paint of uncertain parentage, was purchased by STALC in 2004 from a horse feed lot, along with Galahad. 2014 marked her rookie year of jousting, and she has jousted throughout Alberta.  Frequently overlooked due to her size, pound for pound she one of the toughest competitors out there.  Who says the best things can’t come in small packages, with multi-coloured wrapping.  RIGHT BACK AT YA ROWAN! Willow is looking forward to breaking hearts and lances in the upcoming jousting seasons.


Anne is a quarter horse X, came to STALC in 2014 from a private ranch where she had been an occasional riding horse. If you were to use one word to describe this horse, it would be SASS.  She has it in spades. Anne is currently undergoing refresher training as sometimes the sass gets in the way of remembering her manners.  She truly is like the old nursery rhyme – "When she is good she is very, very good, and when she is bad, she’s wicked”

Jousting Horses-in-training


Mercury was born in 2008, Mercury, a Percheron X, was purchased at 6 months old from Aldor Acres Family Farm in Langley B.C. Mercury has stamina by the bucketful and is currently in training to harness some of that stamina as he is a little over eager to do and try everything that is put in front of him.  His good heart sometimes gets overrun by all those pesky ideas floating around in that big head of his, but once he focuses, he truly is unstoppable. His favorite pastime is trying to steal cookies from pockets and if jousting doesn’t work out for him, he could always have a fall back career as a pick pocket.


Cassio came to STALC in 2012 from an auction.  In his previous life, he was in John Scott’s movie string, however good looks can only take you so far, and Cassio didn’t make the cut (or get the girl). Cassio has never quite gotten over the sting of rejection and so despite being one of the smarter horses in the STALC herd, he doesn’t always make the right choices when it comes to the preservation of his rider. On slightly windy days, Cassio is typically to be found majestically trotting around the fields rehearsing for his big break in a shampoo commercial. Just in case he doesn’t get the call from an agent, he thought he might try jousting.


Zephyr was born in 2005, a Thoroughbred Quarter Horse X, came to STALC in 2012 from a private ranch. Zephyr is the current medic horse for the Calgary Hunt Club, and whilst technically not a jousting horse, in July 2015 he spent one weekend becoming a TV star and a jousting horse, just to show the other horses that it’s not really that hard.


Artie AKA The Brains of the Operation – If something happens in the herd, you can bet your muck boots that Artie is behind it. Unfortunately he will have alibis and sworn affidavits that say otherwise, so good luck proving ANYTHING. Born in 1996, Artie, an Arab Standardbred X, came to STALC in 2003 and is the COO of the STALC herd. Artie is one of the smartest beings at the STALC training facility, and yes, that includes some of the squires. Occasionally Artie is used at a joust as a Marshall's horse, but more frequently he is used for riding or leading other horses.

Retired Jousting Horses

Good Knight Jack

Good Knight Jack was born on August 20, 1997, a pure bred Percheron, Jack was on loan to STALC for many years by accomplished jouster Marianne Silljer, before being purchased by STALC in 2014. Jack is known for his majestic presence, and his ability to create vast amounts of shade on those hot summer days. Jack has moved back with Marianne to enjoy his retirement.


Born in 1989, Freya is a Belgium Quarter horse X, and was purchased at 6 months old from a private farm.  Freya was STALC’s very first jousting horse.  Always a fierce competitor, she excelled in the list, competing extensively throughout Canada and the US. Throughout the years, Freya has had the thankless task of training many of the current STALC jousters.  Her no nonsense attitude and stern training methods have stuck fear into the hearts of many of the greats. Freya retired from the joust in 2014, where she then went on to star in the Alberta Ballet Company’s production of Don Quixote. Freya will spend her remaining years at the STALC training facility, ensuring both rookie horses and riders do everything correctly, her way – the ONLY way.


Galahad was born in 2003. This Shire Quarter horse cross was purchased from a horse feed lot.  Galahad tried his hooves at jousting, competing throughout North America, however in 2014 he decided that the joust just wasn’t for him so was retired. Galahad is a very sociable horse and loves to do things with people, so in 2016, he and some of the STALC humans will be learning to do horse logging in order to help maintain the STALC facilities expanded grounds.


Juliet was born in 1999, Juliet is a Belgium Quarter horse cross (heavy on the Belgium side), she was purchased by STALC in 2003 from Horse Haven Rescue Society.  The horse trailer was her second home as she travelled throughout North America. Juliet was the first STALC film star, when she was featured as the main horse in A Good Knight Story.  Juliet’s daughter Calypso is a current rising star in the jousting world (see Current Horses). Juliet retired in 2008, covered in glory, and is now privately owned and boarded at the STALC training facility.


Born in 1990, Lancelot, a Percheron Quarter Horse cross, was destined for the meat truck until STALC stepped in and rescued him at 6 months old. With his good looks and charisma, Lancelot trained for a sport that he did not actively compete in.  He did however become the poster child for STALC, and was the first “jousting” horse to be featured in the media in Western Canada.  Throughout the years, he has shared his wisdom with many a rookie horse, and can often be found watching the newbies in the tilt yard.

Freeloaders and Hangers On


Polaris was born in 2008, this son of Deathstar and Beauty (both winning jousting horses) came to STALC in 2012 via Greg Boxma. In spite of his pedigree, Polaris is having a little set back in his own journey to jousting history, but you will be hard pressed to find a sweeter horse in any herd.


Valkyrie was born in 2009, this little lady was purchased from auction in 2012. Far too small to be a jousting horse, she was bought purely to thwart the meat buyers, and is destined to eventually follow in the hoof prints of Guinevere doing pre-medieval re-enactment Cavalry horses.


Gottago was born in 2001, he was purchased in 2015 as part of a package deal with Minigo when his living conditions became less than ideal.  At age 14 he had not been handled at all, however bonded very quickly with STALC knight in training Jason Carmody, and so became Jason’s prospect horse. He is currently undergoing ground work training in the hopes of one day joining the elite ranks of STALC jousting horses.