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The Jousting Horses


Princess Anne


Quarter Horse Cross


Princess Anne joined STALC in 2014. 

Bio coming soon.

Jessy - PR.jpg



Percheron/Belgian/Quarter Horse cross


Born in 2008

This mighty mare is built like a tank and full of sass. The product of two jousting horses - dam Juliet of STALC and sire Deathstar owned by Greg Boxma, Stettler, AB. She was born on Freehold Farm and has been competing in the joust since 2014. 

TV appearance(s): Heartland Season 9 Episode 7

Loves: Mayhem and destruction

Hates: Ropes




Cassio is part escape artist and part male model. He came to STALC in 2012, previously being in John Scott’s movie string. While being a film star hasn’t panned out, jousting has been going well (especially when his favourite guest knight, Jessy Dufresne, visits). Nevertheless, on slightly windy days, Cassio is typically to be found majestically trotting around the fields rehearsing for his big break in a shampoo commercial.


Skill at Arms Horses





Born 2007

Owned by Brook Bohning

Brook purchased Duchess in 2010 as a young unbroke rescue horse to train. Don’t let her humble beginning fool you, Duchess is a hard working, stubborn and bossy queen and we wouldn’t have her any other way. When she isn't ruling over her herd at home she can be found doing many things. As a multi talented mount she has a long resume including gymkhana, drill team, parades, jumping, ranch horse, mountain trail riding, polocrosse, trick trained, fire trained, mounted archery and a skill at arms mount she excels at almost anything. However, her passion is the medieval games and here is where she truly shines, showing off her bravery, speed and agility. Duchess has a strong personality and work ethic but doesn’t work for free. She can be found smiling for cookies, robbing pockets and tasting many props incase they are edible.

Likes: going as fast a possible, cookies

Dislikes: waiting her turn.





Born 2007

Owned by Lori Smith

What can’t this powerhouse of a little horse do? He has done parades, demonstrations, performances and horse shows. Jumping, trails and cattle work. Dress him up or dress him down he’s game for it all… best when Duchess is near by but he’s just dramatic that way. Kids horse, hunt club, pony club, tricks, polocrosse he does his best for his rider. Perhaps don’t harness him or make him drag things though, that’s shifty.

Loves: going fast especially if there’s jumps

Hates: being left behind

LoriSmith and Maverik front run.jpg

BA Rebels Hummer (Rebel)


American Paint Horse

Born May 20, 2012

Owned by Courtney Isbister

Rebel started with the STALC crew in 2022, and competes in Skill at Arms. Rebel came to Courtney at 3 years old and has now done a little bit of everything. He’s a great mountain horse, pony club mount, hunt horse, kids pony, team and breakaway roping, you name it Rebel is up for it.

Loves: his cousin Sky 

Hates: being left at home




Purebred Quarter Horse

Black with Star

Owned by Ashe Cutler

Diamond came to the Freehold Farm back in 2013, and was privately boarded on the farm until August 2021, when squire Ashe Cutler purchased him. In his life before the farm, Diamond was in training to become a cow horse, but didn't quite make the cut and ended up in auction. He is incredibly kind natured and is one of the littlest warriors in the group.

He and Ashe debuted in the Skill at Arms in 2023.

Loves: Nibbling toes and snow
Hates: Inflatable plastic dinosaurs and wind


Horses in Training



Clydesdale Cross

Black roan

Born May 2015

Owned by Deez Lees

In his previous jobs, Merlin worked in logging and then attempted the ranch horse lifestyle for a bit. These pursuits didn't quite work out, and his loving owner decided to try find a home that would be a better fit for him. He was purchased in 2021 by Deez to train as a medieval games mount, and eventually, for jousting. Merlin found himself at the farm facing his new training as a medieval war horse. He took to his new life immediately and excelled at everything he was shown (cookies helped) and has great potential. Merlin has a curious and sweet nature. He loves to see everything and be involved in all the action at the farm. He's always one of the first horses to greet you at the gate, even if he gets chased away by Mercury.


Shabraque Grandeé Zhari



Dark Bay

Born in 2012

Owned by Bonnie Critchley

Zhari was bred at Shabraque Canadian Horses by Bonnie’s family. As with all Shabraque horses, Zhari’s name reflects the family’s military service history. Trained in a multitude of disciplines, Zhari is an active mare who definitely needs a job. As such, she often moonlights as a Therapy Horse for Can Praxis. Together with Bonnie, Zhari is learning the ways of the Joust and other skills!


Hates: Waiting for people

Retired Jousting Horses




Mystery breed

Liver chestnut with flaxen mane and tail

Born in 2004

Owned by Radar Goddard

Diego came to STALC at age 3 and grew to become Captain Radar’s go-to jousting horse. Fast, strong and usually brave - Diego is popular with both jousters and fans. Although, he has been known to occasionally become scared of decorative plastic flowers (especially when they rustle in a gentle breeze). It’s always an adventure with Diego.

TV appearance(s): Heartland Season 9 Episode 7

Loves: FOOD

Hates: Decorative plastic flowers

Diego jump
Blue Knight.jpg



Percheron/Quarter Horse Cross


Born in 2005

Owned by Radar Goddard

Rowan is a high octane speed freak and natural jousting horse. A fearless competitor and all business in the tiltyard. She was originally a trail horse before being purchased by STALC from Birds Hill Park Ranch in Winnipeg. 

After over a decade of jousting, she retired in 2023.

TV appearance(s): Starred as “Abby” on Heartland Season 9 Episode 7

Loves: Speed

Hates: Waiting


Circa. 2007



Belgian/Quarter Horse Cross


Born in 1989

Owned by Radar Goddard

This ancient being was STALC’s very first jousting horse. Always a fierce competitor, she excelled in the list, competing extensively throughout Canada and the US. Throughout the years, Freya had the thankless task of training many of STALC’s jousters. Her no nonsense attitude and stern training methods have stuck fear into the hearts of many of the greats. She retired from jousting in 2014 and starred in the Alberta Ballet Company’s production of Don Quixote.

Loves: Ballet

Hates: Tomfoolery and shenanigans (looking at you, Echo)

MooseJaw2006 jousting by Mike Bartlett 2006_edited.jpg



Mystery breed - feedlot rescue


Born in 2003

Willow’s jousting debut was in 2014 and went on to compete throughout western Canada. She retired in 2019 and now dedicates her full attention to being the herd boss at the STALC training facility.




Mystery breed - feedlot rescue


Born in 2003

An absolute mammoth of a horse, Galahad, would make an excellent substitute for a war elephant. He jousted across North America before deciding to retire in 2014. He is very sociable and loves to do things with people. Lately, he’s been doing trail rides and working with intermediate-level riders.

Loves: FOOD and anything that looks like it might be food

Hates: Inflatable plastic dinosaurs and being lonely

The Kid's Stable



Belgian/Paint Cross


Owned by Deez Lees

Born May 17, 2020

Tano was born on the Setzer farm in Niton Junction, Alberta. The Setzer's bred APHA riding horses, and Belgian draft pulling horses. It's from this combination that Tano gets her excellent breeding. She came to Freehold Farm at just 3 weeks old with her mum, so this has been her home for most of her life. Tano has shown she has the determination, and sass, to make it with the big horses. She still has some growing to do, even if she thinks she's big enough now.




Canadian/Belgian cross

Born in July of 2021

Owned by Radar Goddard

Ivanhoe was born at the STALC training facility. He has a long way to go, but is considered future jousting stock.

Hatfield Fergus



Born June 26, 2021

Owned by Courtney Isbister

Fergus is the baby of Courtney’s crew. He’s loves hanging out with his people and learning new things. He’s a very brave young man, having participated in demos at several large exhibitions and parades before his first birthday. One day when he is big he would like to joust.

Fergus likes all the snacks. He’s a growing boy after all.





Dark bay
Born June 2017

Owned by Radar Goddard


Born at Freehold Farm, Echo has shown incredible athletic ability from a young age. She has a fiesty attitude, and the smarts to match, which makes her a fun and challenging horse to work with. She's got the right stuff for the jousting list. 

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