Jousters & Jousters-in-training

Radar Goddard
Founder, Senior Knight

Founder of the Society of Tilt and Lance Cavalry, Radar is an EMT in Calgary. Radar got the jousting bug in 1988 when she saw the sport at Littlecote in England. She also has earned a degree in archaeology. Her strongest contribution to jousting is as a team builder, troupe captain and horse supplier. In her spare time she collects rescue horses, most of which compete in games and the joust. Radar was knighted in 2003. From BC to Finland, Little Smokey to Waxahachie, she has broken lances and bones and not lost her competitive spirit!

Radar portrait.jpg
Jean-francois Drapeau

Originally from Stoneham, Quebec, Jean-francois  (JF to his friends) has now settled in Alberta. A fearless jouster and competitor, he has adapted to living in the west, and is honing his horse skills every day. He is also a talented builder.

Damian Dębski
Knight, Horse trainer

A frequent visitor to the group from Poland, Damian has helped get the horses in shape as well as helping us add flair to our shows. He is an excellent stunt rider and horse archer.

Damian and Ice.jpg
Jason Carmody
Knight-in-training, Alternate Announcer

Jason is in training to move from the ground support and squiring to horseback and jousting. He is also a part of our sister group, Dragon's Own. Starting in 2018, Jason also took over the carving of the lances.

Bonnie Critchley
Knight-in-training, Alternate Announcer, Horse hauler

Known as “Bonnie the Breaker” after 16 years of sword fighting with our sister group, Dragon's Own, Bonnie has made the leap into Jousting. Having floated around the edges of STALC since 2004, and working on her family’s horse ranch, Bonnie finally became a full time member and our primary horse hauler. This year she hopes to get off the ground and onto horseback. A still serving 20+yr veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, Bonnie’s voice, boisterous attitude, and willingness to try anything set before her, leaves “The Breaker” a recognizable figure.

Ian Darvill

Ian has been an integral part of  STALC for many years.  He has progressed from a games rider and all around helper to a squire then assistant chief squire. After many years on the ground, Ian is setting his sights on meeting his next opponent in the list.

Support Crew

Robin Beck
Senior Chief Squire

Robin is Chief Squire. She travels with the show, and has been seen putting the knights together and keeping them in line from Langley to Winnipeg to Kalispell to Little Smokey and has made guest appearances on the block from Tennessee to Colorado. It doesn't matter if the event is an international competition, a barbecue, a wedding, a fundraiser, a rodeo, or a renaissance faire, Robin brings the show in on time, and creates order out of chaos. This is good, because knights tend to generate chaos!

Deez Lees
Chief Squire-in-Training

A member of the ground crew, you can see Deez running around helping out in any role she’s thrown into. She has been a member of our sister group, Dragon's Own, since 2002 as a sword fighter. A Welsh lass who immigrated to Canada, she has a strong passion for medieval history. She met Radar by complete coincidence in 2010 in the ER (a long story for another day) and has been helping out STALC ever since. Deez has an art degree and makes video games in her day job. She also really loves her pet hamsters!

October James
Assistant Chief Squire

Having first joined the group in 2014, October found himself down with the jousting bug. He stuck around and helped out, becoming a more permanent fixture in 2016. From then on he has slowly worked his way up within the group and became Assistant Chief Squire in 2017. October aspires to joust in the future. When not jousting, he is an artist from a small Alberta town.

Dale Laberge

The Voice, or M.C. Squire, as she is known, first announced for STALC in 2002, when she was  given the opportunity to speak  (or, as she puts it “Was handed a costume and a microphone.”) at The Soldiers of the Two Millennia show at the Museum of the Regiments. Joining full time in 2006, Dale is a keen trivia buff, and knows a lot more than she tells about the riders and the horses.

Lois Hannah
Judge, Seamstress

After seeing the joust for the first time in 2007, Lois joined the team in 2008, because she can't imagine anything more fun on horseback. Besides being a judge on the field, Lois sews garments for both the human and equine members and provides general support for the team.

Lois portrait.jpg
Kristen Thomas
Squire, Horse Master

Bio to come

Sheldon Cook

In 2014 Sheldon discovered STALC at the Lila's Angels fundraiser, a small faire near his hometown. He asked if he could help and was able to start as a tip runner and enjoyed every minute of it. Always having had a deep passion for all things medieval, Sheldon has aspirations to become a groundfighter as well as get up on the horse and joust.

Steve Honeychurch

Steve is a seamster and hobbyist designer with a passion for historical garments. He joined STALC in the spring of 2018 and was immediately hooked on the joust. When he's not at the joust, Steve is usually hoarding fabric or riding horses.

Jay Ghost

Jay has been hearing tales of the joust from his fiance October since 2015, but in 2018 he decided to hop in and help out, and he ended up catching the jousting bug. Since then he's found strengths in leatherwork and working with horses. He hopes to continue growing with the group, and learning more about horses. Outside of STALC he is always creating or doing something new.

Ashton Cutler

Cutler eagerly listened to tales of the joust throughout their friendship with October, and decided to hop in on the fun in 2019. They assisted in packing trailers, even when they were unable to attend the events! The first event was the final straw and they were hooked during the 2019 Summer Skirmish. Cutler is working on various skills such as metalworking, sewing, sword fighting, and riding. When not at the joust they create art and catch up on sleep

Adara Medland

Unfortunately for Adara, she grew up knowing Bonnie "the Breaker". As soon as she was old enough, Adara was pulled in to polish Breaker's boots and fetch meals. Her spectacular work ethic and intense interest in learning and horses, leaves Adara a favorite assistant within our company.