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Jousters, Skill-at-Arms Riders 
& Jousters-in-Training

Icy whiskers.jpg
Radar Goddard
Founder, Senior Jouster

Founder of the Society of Tilt and Lance Cavalry, Radar is an EMT in Calgary. Radar got the jousting bug in 1988 when she saw the sport at Littlecote in England. She also has earned a degree in archaeology. Her strongest contribution to jousting is as a team builder, troupe captain and horse supplier. In her spare time she collects rescue horses, most of which compete in games and the joust. Radar was knighted in 2003. From BC to Finland, Little Smokey to Waxahachie, she has broken lances and bones and not lost her competitive spirit!

Radar3 - MF.jpg
Alice Edwards

Alice started in STALC as a squire and also acted as a secondary announcer for the group. She eventually made the move to jousting in the 2010's. 


In 2018, Alice took over the carving of the lances, improving upon their designs to make them safer, and easier to handle. Alice is also a ground fighter for our sister group, Dragon's Own.

SteveVsJason - epic break.png
Steve Honeychurch

Steve joined STALC in the spring of 2018 and was immediately hooked on the joust. He started as ground crew, doing historical research, and sewing.


Steve's jousting debut was in 2022. 

October James

Having first joined the group in 2014, October found himself down with the jousting bug. He stuck around and helped out, becoming a more permanent fixture in 2016. From then on he has slowly worked his way up within the group and became Assistant Chief Squire in 2017.


October's jousting debut was in 2023. When not jousting, he is an artist from a small Alberta town.

Druid-byBonnie (2).jpg
Ian Darvill

Ian has been an integral part of STALC for many years.  He has progressed from a games rider and all around helper to a squire then assistant chief squire. After many years on the ground, Ian is setting his sights on meeting his next opponent in the list.

Bonnie and Diego

Photo by Grant Zelych

Bonnie Critchley

Known as “Bonnie the Breaker” after 16 years of sword fighting with our sister group, Dragon's Own, Bonnie has made the leap into Jousting. Having floated around the edges of STALC since 2004, and working on her family’s horse ranch, Bonnie finally became a full time member and our primary horse hauler. This year she hopes to get off the ground and onto horseback. A veteran of 23 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, Bonnie’s voice, boisterous attitude, and willingness to try anything set before her, leaves “The Breaker” a recognizable figure.

Brook Bohning
Skill at Arms Rider

Brook started her medieval journey with the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) Equestrian group in 2007 when her childhood friend Lori Smith decided to spearhead the equestrian side of things. The love of all things medieval and horses started from a very young age, Brook has been riding since the age of 6. She has performed all over Central Alberta from sword fighting on horseback at Red Deer Westerner Days to mounted archery at the Main Event, including numerous parades and rodeos. Brook likes speed and a challenge. In 2019 the SCA Equestrian and STALC performed at the same location. This led the two groups to collaborate their skills for a performance. Over the past few years they got together more often until Brook decided to take the plunge and officially join STALC in 2022 as a skill at arms rider. She is very excited to be a member of both groups.


Photo by Seidhr Photography

Lori Smith
Skill at Arms Rider

Alongside childhood bestie Brook Bohning, Lori has excelled at honing her skills on horseback and with weapons since 2007. What started as a cool thing became a passion and a want to do more. With the help of Brook and others, Avacal Equestrian came to be, bringing the equestrian program to western Canada within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).


In 2018, with her husband Brad they also created Smith’s Mounted Medieval Clinics to be able to offer a taste of skill at arms to the public in a safe and enjoyable way. 2018 was a year of change as along with running clinics she finally met Radar, (yay!) and riding with her in 2019 it seemed only natural to join STALC for future endeavours.


When not swinging swords from horseback and telling people what to do… she runs a small farm in central Alberta with two kids, a loving husband, an assortment of horses, cats, dogs and a whack of goats.

Courtney Isbister
Skill at Arms Rider

Courtney is new to STALC officially in 2022 after years of pestering Radar to let her learn.

She comes from a pony club background, competing all over Canada at national level Prince Phillip Games as well as Tetrathlon, Pentathlon, and Quiz. After high school she lived for a while in Ireland, riding under top level 3 Day Eventer, Grainne Sugars.

Courtney has been teaching pony club since her late teens and is bringing her skills to bear on the up and coming riders at STALC.

When she's not doing horse things, Courtney works as a paramedic in Calgary.

Carolyn Willekes
Skill at Arms Rider

Bio coming soon

Ashe Cutler
Skill at Arms Rider

Ashe eagerly listened to tales of the joust throughout her friendship with October, and decided to hop in on the fun in 2019. She assisted in packing trailers, even when she were unable to attend the events! The first event was the final straw and she was hooked during the 2019 Summer Skirmish. Ashe is working on bettering her skills so she can one day joust as well.

Ashe debuted, with her horse Diamond, as a Skill at Arms Rider in 2023.

Support Crew

Robin Beck
Senior Chief Squire

Robin is Chief Squire. She travels with the show, and has been seen putting the knights together and keeping them in line from Langley to Winnipeg to Kalispell to Little Smokey and has made guest appearances on the block from Tennessee to Colorado. It doesn't matter if the event is an international competition, a barbecue, a wedding, a fundraiser, a rodeo, or a renaissance faire, Robin brings the show in on time, and creates order out of chaos. This is good, because knights tend to generate chaos!

Deez Lees
Chief Squire
, Announcer

A member of the ground crew, you can see Deez running around helping out in any role she’s thrown into. She has been a member of our sister group, Dragon's Own, since 2002 as a sword fighter. A Welsh lass who immigrated to Canada, she has a strong passion for medieval history. She met Radar by complete coincidence in 2010 in the ER (a long story for another day) and has been helping out STALC ever since. Deez has an art degree and makes video games in her day job. She also really loves her pet hamsters!

Lois Hannah
Judge, Seamstress

After seeing the joust for the first time in 2007, Lois joined the team in 2008, because she can't imagine anything more fun on horseback. Besides being a judge on the field, Lois sews garments for both the human and equine members and provides general support for the team.

Photo by Renee Robin Photography

Dale Laberge

The Voice, or M.C. Squire, as she is known, first announced for STALC in 2002, when she was  given the opportunity to speak  (or, as she puts it “Was handed a costume and a microphone.”) at The Soldiers of the Two Millennia show at the Museum of the Regiments. Joining full time in 2006, Dale is a keen trivia buff, and knows a lot more than she tells about the riders and the horses.

Lucas Hambler
Armourer in Training, Craftsman

Luc has been with us since 2020. He is our armoursmith and props manager as well as a squire during our events. He is working on horsemanship (and several armour projects) and will be joining the ranks of our skill-at-arms and jousters in the future.


Photo by Renee Robin Photography

Stephen Campbell

Stephen married into the group in 2015 and was immediately put to work. His hobbies include officiating for Canadian Bobsleigh and Canadian Track and Field associations, so it seemed a natural fit for him to help as a judge on the jousting field. You can see Stephen with his pad of paper noting scores and keeping his keen eyes on the knights making sure their hits are legal.

Chad Carter
Squire, Photographer

This beautiful cryptid joined STALC in 2017. While sometimes Chad can be found with a horse or a lance in hand, he can usually be found gliding across the field with a camera. When it’s not jousting season, this silent, ethereal being can often be found lurking in the forest photographing debris (true story, don’t ask).

Jay Benedetti

Jay has been hearing tales of the joust from his husband October since 2015, but in 2018 he decided to hop in and help out, and he ended up catching the jousting bug. Since then he's found strengths in leatherwork and working with horses. He hopes to continue growing with the group, and learning more about horses. Outside of STALC he is always creating or doing something new.

Gimmy Hambler

Gimmy is in her third year as our Treasurer and has been a squire since 2020. She loves creating medieval clothing and embroidery and makes sure we all eat well at events.


Photo by Renee Robin Photography

Kayden Hambler

Kayden joined us in 2020 at age 12. He's currently enjoying learning horsemanship and archery and hopes to combine the two in the future. He is a squire-in-training and loves working on the field at our events.

Marko Mićović

Marko first saw the STALC crew jousting at the Brooks Medieval Faire and was immediately starry eyed for the sport. At the time he was a reenactor and ground fighter from the Lethbridge Medieval Club. Ever in the pursuit of medieval martial prowess, Marko set his sights on the new realm of equine combat activities and began to take small steps in that direction. It wasn’t until a number of years later that he started dating a medievally minded horse girl and gained access to limitless horse time. Together they began setting a foundation for future escapades. In 2022 it was time. Marko joined up with STALC and currently serves as a squire in the list. Going forward he hopes to partake in the skill-at-arms, as well as the jousting itself. He also aspires to bring equine field combat, and mounted archery to the mix as well. Whether it be by sword, lance, bow, or cutting wit, Marko is eager to take the field with this band of merry folk and leave the crowds in awe.

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