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Do you like horses and shiny armour? Our horses love to eat, we mean meet, new people and everyone loves shiny things.


Ground Crew Membership


  • This membership is for all support personnel, it includes all non-mounted positions such as squires, pages, grooms, etc.

  • Membership allows you to apply for training for specific titles, such as jouster-in-training, squires or pages.

Rider Membership


  • This membership includes knights and also non-jousters wishing to participate in mounted games.

  • Rider membership fee will cover the rider and will also include the rider’s immediate family membership if requested.

  • NOTE: new jousters are expected to serve as Ground Crew for a minimum of one year before jousting.


Rider's Responsibility:​

  • Knights wishing to compete in tournaments or other events must have their own equipment and possess an acceptable level of horsemanship skills prior to being allowed to compete in events as a STALC member.

  • For safety reasons, a horsemanship proficiency test, and/or approval and inspection of equipment and armour may be performed at any time at the discretion of the Executive Members.

  • Also for safety reasons Riders will be required to purchase an Alberta Equestrian Federation Membership. It can be purchased online by going to Alberta Equestrian Federation.

Dress Expectations

This applies to both Ground Crew and Riders.


STALC strives to reenact jousting as it was in 15th century Europe. This means that all our members are expected to dress the part when in the tiltyard. Our aim is specifically 1430-1500 in countries where the joust was popular (this includes: England, France, and Germany).


New members are not expected to start with a full set of garb, and can usually borrow items from other group members for their first season. It is expected that long term members will acquire their own period-appropriate garb. There are resources within STALC to help you research, make or buy garb as necessary.

If you would like to join us, please fill out the membership form and email it to:

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